19th Sep2011

How to Spot a Pinay in Dubai

by MAMU :p

Hello Kabayan!  Recently landed in Dubai?  Or a veteran?

Dubai being home to more nationalities than you would know the countries…I most often than not get confused who’s from where.  And yes, you guessed it even for a Kabayan.

So, just to be sure before you yelp, ‘Kabayan?!’  Here are top ways to Spot a Pinay in Dubai:

  • Paperbag –  I am not sure who started this, but it is definitely one of the tell tale signs of a Pinay Kabayan =)  So what is the love affair between a Pinay and a paperbag?  We (myself included) love putting all our stuff (the ones which can’t fit in our already bulging handbags) like baon – aka in Dubai as ‘tiffin box’, change of comfy shoes, for unexpected shopping – which is most of the time (and hopefully, my fellow Pinays are not putting item 1 and 2 in the same paperbag as it is quite unhygienic), kikay kit – this could include make up bag, toiletries like toothbrush (see next entry) and every other thing the paperbag can handle.  So, next time you spot a lady walking in the streets carrying a paperbag (most likely dilapidated by now, as I said we have an emotional attachment to these bags and hate throwing them if they can still be used till the handles give way =) she could be Pinay.
  • Toothbrush - Ever wonder where some of your female colleagues go missing after lunch?  Check the toilets, if they are there and they are brushing their teeth, 98% they are Pinay =)  Disclaimer:  If you’re a guy and you literally checked the female toilet and got reprimanded, I would not be held accountable.
  • Fan or ‘Pamaypay’ –  Now, this is very unique to our race, apart from the Japanese and Chinese, we carry these highly effective and space saving fans to save us from the heat.  You can never rely on being on an AC (air conditioned) room 24/7.
  • Long Jet Black hair on a 4’11″ to 5’6″ Legged Lady -  This might confuse some people as a lot of South East Asians prefer sporting long hairs than a bob.  For years now, Pantene and Lux have been very happy trading back in The Philippines.
  • Umbrella -  The ultimate key to spotting a Pinay in Dubai…if you see a lady with the above descriptions carrying an umbrella trying to hide from the sun, tadan… 99% she is Pinay. 1% I left out as I happen to be acquainted with a British lady who does own an umbrella and carries it everyday in her bag.  I have yet to see her use it though.
So, there you go, my friend.  Happy spotting =)